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Turn ordinary
co-workers into extraordinary teams with horse-facilitated team building 

Harness the intelligence of horses, for valuable insights into your teams communication and connection skills



Workplaces are evolving, shouldn't your team-building approach?

In an era of unprecedented change and disruption in the workplace, traditional team building methods are failing to help your people succeed.

Discover equine facilitated team building, the solution that transcends cultural, generational, and social barriers.

Gain Powerful Workplace Insights Millennia in the Making

Throughout history, the intelligent and perceptive nature of horses has offered valuable insights into non-verbal communication and behavior.

Horseplay Teambuilding leverages this age-old equine wisdom to:

- Open Communication & Build Trust
- Foster Team Unity & Diverse Thinking
- Facilitate Long-Lasting Change & Personal Growth

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How horseplay sessions help teams



about the venue


Horseplay is based on Old Kilgobbin Farm, in the stunning KZN midlands.

Our sessions take place in an arena surrounded by an ancient indigenous forest. Beyond leadership training, it's is an opportunity to reconnect with nature and play in a beautiful setting - something adults rarely get to do!

  • Is previous horse experience required to participate in the program?
    No horse experience is required, and the program is designed to keep both clients and horses safe. There is no riding involved....all feet firmly on the ground!
  • Is the program suitable for large groups or only small teams?
    The program is suitable for all size teams up to 30 participants . We have a minimum charge of 10.
  • How long is a typical session?
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  • What session packages are available?
    We have a morning session from 8.30am to 1pm, and a full day session from 8.30am til 4.30pm. The morning session is comprehensive and is a stand alone package, but we strongly recommend the full day session as the afternoon part of the package is powerful and results in in-depth conversations and realisations of the team dynamics.
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