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Horses have been part of Man's history and even those who don't call themselves horse lovers will admit to a curiosity about these wonderful, powerful animals. At Horseplay we offer  a number of course options to suit the requirements of the individual or group wanting to experience learning through the connection with horses. For people who are horse lovers or curious about horses there is our​ 3 hour "Horse Sense" course.  For corporate groups looking for an unusual team building experience , we offer a 4.5 hour experience , with an optional afternoon session , called The Connection.  Our Grounded courses involve Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy, with a qualified team of psychologists and EFP horse professionals.

Our programmes incorporate emotionally and mentally challenging concepts, but within a safe space.  We believe in building people up, and the horses are superb at facilitating the process, all with a healthy dose of horseplay and fun!!

  • A 3 hour session learning about life through the eyes of a horse

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  • 5 or 7 hour group session for leadership and communication development

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  • Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy sessions for individuals and groups

  • One day workshops and 3-5 day retreats using EFP and somatic therapy

    Started Jan 1, 1970

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